Iron Meat

Release Date






  • Developers
  • Ivan Valeryevich Suvorov (Razz) & Retroware
  • Publisher
  • Retroware


About the Game

Iron Meat is a run-and-gun shooter where players battle against the invading Meat monstrosities coming from the Moon. With fast-paced, side-scrolling action across nine levels of carnage, a host of weapons to use, couch co-op and over 30 Skins to unlock, Iron Meat is set to be a hallmark modern retro title with mechanical nods to arcade and console classics.


Ivan Suvarov has been interested in programming since school, building his first game prototypes. He later became interested in traditional drawing, decided it was not for him, and then leveraged his skills for pixel art. He later picked up programming games as a hobby. In 2017, he began working on the game that would later become Iron Meat. In 2019, he began collaborating with Retroware and has since been focused on developing the game while sharpening his pixel art drawing skills.